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TredWear had its start in the USA back 2008. The real trick was to find material that will not turn brown and an adhesive that would bond properly to such a dynamic surface. After three and a half years of research (and thousands of kilometres of testing!), we created a product which has the perfect combination of rubber and adhesive to add white letters to your tyre. We did most of the testing over the road on SEMI trucks, since they experienced the most extreme pounding. Sales began in 2010 and we have been growing ever since. The end result is a solution easy to use and install, while lasting the life of most tyres.
No Naked TYRES! Dress them with TREDWEAR!

Not only do we apply them in house but we also offer DIY kits for anyone to apply. Speak to us regarding full range of letters, fonts and sizes available.



Sizing Guide

We highly recommend measuring your tyre before ordering, this is quick and easy, just measure between the two manufacturing lines on the tyres, make sure the letters wont go into the tread. Otherwise, if you want a quick reference we recommend the following:

  • 0.5″ Lettering up to 20-25 Profile Tyres
  • 0.75″ Lettering for 30-35 Profile Tyres
  • 1.0″ Lettering for 35-45 Profile Tyres
  • 1.3″ Lettering for 45+ Profile Tyres

TredWear make every letter and number in a variety of colours giving you the freedom to create any combination you want on your sidewall for a custom look.

The  Tredwear  Difference

tyre letters2

After millions of kilometres and years of testing, TredWear have developed the finest materials allowing us to permanently adhere tyre letters to your tyre sidewall. 

We use a dual vulcanised patent material which is one millimeter thick and soft enough to move and flex with your tyre sidewall and at the same time tough enough to withstand the stress of the harshest conditions. The most important part about this material is that it does not soak up any tyre residue allowing the material to stay nice and bright for the life of your tyre, unlike other materials that turn brown and yellow over time.

Installation  Service

Tyre Letters7

We offer full Installation services for TredWear Tyre Lettering if you don’t want to do it yourself. Save time and get a professional installer to do the job for you!