There is much more to the process than just coating a car with Pomponazzi Quartz Glass Coating. Our specialised and trained detailing team ensure that the preparation to any surface is up to the highest of standards before applying any Pomponazzi product.

Decontamination Wash


Using a snow foam wash, the thick foam breaks down dirt, grime and everyday pollutants adhered to the vehicle and softens the contaminants. This allows for safe removal during the wash without scrubbing in any harsh substances that may be on the surface and causing further damage to the paintwork with swirl marks and scarring. We also utilise a two bucket method to prevent the dirt on the wash mitt picked up from the car leaving scratches and swirls on the surface of the paint. A grit guard is placed into the bottom of the wash and rinse bucket to aid in extracting the dirt particles from the wash mitt. The grit guard allows the dirt to sink to the bottom of the bucket and provide a clean, scratch-free wash mitt. Followed by the initial wash and rinse, the car is then clay barred to remove bonded surface contaminants and industrial fallout (airborne metallic substances that bond over time to the surface of your car). We then follow this process by a final hand wash, the vehicle is then dried for a final inspection ensuring the surface is ready for the next step.

Paint Correction


Majority of the work involved in coating a car is our thorough vehicle inspection and paint correction process. Before any coating is applied we ensure that all prior scratches, imperfections and blemishes are removed so as your car looks new before we apply any Pomponazzi product. This is by far the most important stage.Our team go through a process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork, mostly by a combination of polishing with specialised hand tools and select compounds and polishes. Starting with harder compounds, this removes the dullness, other deeper set contaminants and hazing, the final process is to use finer compounds and buffing equipment to ensure any marks and haziness is dissipated and the finish of the paintwork is refined. Finally, the car is wiped down with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any oils that may have been left from equipment and also reveal the true finish, this allows our team to inspect and ensure that there are no more areas that require further correcting.

Pomponazzi Coating

Application Process

This is the most important stage and where the magic happens. The freshly corrected panels receive not only an unparalleled level of gloss and depth of colour, but a coat of arms to seal and protect the hours of TLC put into the vehicle. Pomponazzi 880xx is resistant to scratches, chips and chemicals as it adds up 20 microns of thickness to the exterior surface of your car. It is applied to the paintwork and all of the exterior including the glass, wheels, plastics, rubbers and even exhaust tips. This gives the entire vehicle a thick layer of protection. Once the coating is applied, the car will sit under Infrared Lights to cure the coating and bond it to the paintwork. Once applied your car will immediately shine and will stay shiny without any further coatings. Designed to be easy to maintain, Pomponazzi Glass Quartz Coating will keep your car cleaner for longer. After getting in contact with rain, dust or dirt you can bring your car back to perfect just by hosing it down. Our applicators ensure the surface finish is presented as best as possible, as once our coating is applied, the surface underneath is locked in.

Free Inspection Wash


As part of the coating process and to ensure that the coating has adhered to the surface of the vehicle properly it is necessary for the car to be brought back for a free Inspection Wash. This Inspection wash incorporates many aspects of the initial decontamination wash. The use of a non corrosive wheel cleaner, snow foam and a PH neutral soap ensures a safe wash for your newly “pomped” vehicle.

Maintenance Wash


Our Maintenance Wash Service is specifically designed to maintain a vehicle that has had a Bespoke Pomponazzi Treatment. This Maintenance Wash incorporates many aspects of the initial decontamination wash. The use of a non corrosive wheel cleaner, snow foam and a PH neutral soap ensures a safe wash for your newly “pomped” vehicle.