Pomponazzi is the World’s No.1 Real Quartz Glass Protection Coating. It not only enhances the surface finish, it also increases the scratch resistance, surface protection and water repellent capabilities. Protecting your automotive, marine, residential and commercial assets with a better than showroom finish with minimal cleaning required.

About  Pomponazzi

Pomponazzi was first introduced in the car industry as an effective solution to protect and enhance paint surfaces.  Exceeding the expectations of car enthusiasts, detailers and even some dealerships, it rapidly gained popularity for its superior finish and protective capabilities. Its performance in the automotive industry was so successful, that it spread all over the world to countries such as Italy, Dubai, Switzerland, Germany, USA and New Zealand.

Whilst continuing to impress on car surfaces, the prducts capabilities extend even further. Pomponazzi can be applied to and protect any surface. This is because the chemical compounds are designed to bind together fluidly, filling in micro gaps before curing, to enhance the finish regardless of the surface. Whether you are looking to protect your residential, automotive, marine or commercial investments, our surface protection technology adds a clear layer of glass protection to your choice of surface.




Pomponazzi Glass Quartz Coating can be applied to boats and jetskis. It can be applied to the paint, plastics, rubbers and glass of the vessel. The interior of a boat and the seats of a jet ski can also be treated.


Pomponazzi can be applied to the entire exterior of an aircraft, whether it be planes, helicopters or even drones. Pomponazzi provides clear visibility for air craft applications, meaning a much safer flight for any pilot.


Pomponazzi Glass Quartz Coating can be applied to commercial applications such as industrial size windows, taps and sinks, bench tops, shower screens and glass petitions.


Pomponazzi Glass Quartz Coating can be applied to numerous surfaces within a home, such as windows, shower screens, marble and granite surfaces, furnishings, bench tops and glass pool fencing.

Why Pomponazzi?


Pomponazzi Coating is resistant to scratches, chips and chemicals. Not only is it applied to the paintwork but the glass, wheels, plastics and even exhaust tips are coated giving the entire vehicle protection from the elements. No other product can provide this amount of vehicle protection.

Your car will shine for years without any further coating. After getting in contact with rain, dust or dirt you can make your car shine immediately just by using water.

Low Maintenance
Designed to be easy to maintain Pomponazzi Coating will keep your car clean for longer. After getting in contact with rain, dust or dirt you can bring your car back to perfect by using our Multi-Purpose Cleaner and simply hosing it down.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • If dirt, dust and grime are not correctly removed from the vehicle the cleaning process will rub and grind these particles into the surface of the paint causing noticeable damage. Sponges may have been used on numerous vehicles prior to touching your car, collecting dirt and grit. This problem produces defects known as swirl marks. Other side effects of incorrect washing techniques are component damage. Harmful acidic products, specifically designed for cleaning concrete are used to clean wheels and lower sections of the car. These harmful products can cause brake callipers, wheel nuts, exhaust tips and brake disc surrounds to rust. Valeting companies also offer what is known as a “Polish” or “Machine polish” as an elite car presentation service. The products, processes and techniques used in these so called “full valets” are typically doing more harm than good to the paintwork. They result in circular scratches and very visible grooves in the vehicle’s top coat. Very abrasive compounds and the improper use of a rotary polishing machine are used to “butcher” the paint imperfections instead of removing them. They remove huge amounts of the vehicles clear coat, whilst inflicting “holograms” and buffer trails.
    • Unfortunately we also see new cars with defects caused by the dealer. During the PDI “Pre Delivery Inspection”, the rushed removal of the factory applied wax and protective wrapping causes paint imperfections such as swirl marks and micro scratches. Bespoke Autowerks and all Pomponazzi agents worldwide provide a service that will not only restore you vehicles appearance but will exceed your expectations.
    • No…… I think if you did your own research you will find that nobody but the dealer would recommend getting paint protection done in house. They usually package it in with window tint and charge you through the roof for an inferior product.
    • Any paint protection that is offered with a “Lifetime Warranty” comes with a contract filled with many clauses and loopholes that it is not worth the paper it is written on.  Depending on factors such as how much the vehicle is used, how the vehicle is maintained, what products are used to wash and clean the vehicle and most importantly, how well the coating was applied in the first place. You can have the best coating in the world, but if the detailer didn’t thoroughly prep the paintwork or applied the coating incorrectly, it is not going to last, simple as that. There is no coating on the market that lasts a lifetime, PERIOD. Lifetime Warranties are used to suck customers in and it’s not until the contract has been signed that the customer then realises what that actually entails.

    • Yes, we do this all of the time and it is not as uncommon as you may think. If you have taken delivery of your new car and can see scratches and swirl marks even though you have a “coating” applied it usually comes down to the fact that the it has not been prepared correctly.
    • No, however even premium and low volume manufacturers have limitations. The dealer allocates a time frame for each car to be worked on so these limitations typically result in an unfinished or below standard job. At Bespoke Autowerks we can take the manufacturers unfinished job to the next level and beyond, the improvement that is possible even on a brand new car is extraordinary.

    • No, it will not affect the manufacturers warranty of your cars paintwork, in fact correct care is an important part of maintaining your vehicles finish throughout the warranty period and beyond.

    • Our Maintenance Wash Service is currently only available following a Bespoke Pomponazzi Treatment with us. If you are an existing customer wishing to book your car in for a wash please call 0418464555 or email admin@bespokeautowerks.com, appointments are subject to availability.
    • Depending on the the level of enhancement you wish to achieve the timescale will usually range from 2 to 4 days. The process begins with a decontamination wash before the cars surface can be inspected. For smaller cars or cars with very little imperfections the next step may not take as much time, however some special projects and intricate cars may take longer.

    • We are independent and not tied to any specific brand which means we will use the best product for each individual need. As such we choose our products based on rigorous testing and comparison. We use a mixture of the leading products in the industry, each to suit their individual purpose. We have a range of RUPES polishers and a variety of Bowden’s Own Premium Car Care Products to ensure the best possible result. What separates us from the rest is our dedicated, dust free, temperature controlled room. Most detailers and dealerships don’t even have this type of facility.

    • A car wash simply removes lose contaminants, dirt and road grime that are resting on the vehicles surface. Vehicle detailing gets rid of blemishes, oxidisation and etching marks that are caused when contaminants penetrate through the vehicles top surface. Pomponazzi Glass Quartz Coating takes this another step further by enhancing the surface finish and also increasing the scratch resistance, surface protection and water repellent capabilities. Protecting your automotive, marine, residential and commercial assets with a better than showroom finish with minimal cleaning required.
    • Not only can we coat cars in Pomponazzi but we can also coat trucks, vans, boats, Jet skis, planes, pool fences, shower screens, sinks, windows, bricks, marble and granite statues, fascias and benches. Obviously some of these will be done in our workshop but we do have the facility to work offsite.


  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage N400

    Aston Martin V8 Vantage N400

    The owner of CarAdvice.com.au trusted Pomponazzi to take care of his beautiful pearl orange Aston Martin, after paint correction this Aston is now protected thanks to our Pomponazzi 880xx Real Quartz Coating and is looking better then ever!
  • Rolls Royce Wraith and Motorbike

    Rolls Royce Wraith and Motorbike

    How can you not smile when in the presence of a Rolls Royce Wraith, these vehicles ooze class, comfort and pure driving pleasure. For a car of this caliber there is no other option than Pomponazzi 880xx Real Quartz Coating. This Rolls Royce Wraith is now protected with the Worlds No.1 Real Quartz Coating.
  • Porsche Cayman GT-4

    Porsche Cayman GT-4

    Porsche has stepped up its Cayman so it can outperform the big boys. It has performance, handling and styling similar to its bigger brothers. When owning a rare vehicle you would be mad not to protect it with the best. Now coated in Pomponazzi 880xx Real Quartz Coating, the paint has a deep shine and all the highlights are brighter than ever.